'Caring for your Equine Athletes'



Who am I?

 I am a member of NAVP, the national association of Veterinary Physiotherapists, as such I carry full public liability and update my training and knowledge annually with required CPD continued professional development.

 I have been working as an Equine Physiotherapist for 30 years. During this time my clients include PSG Dressage horses, the Irish Three Day Event team, many British Eventing development groups, National Hunt and Flat yards, the Household Cavalry and Kings Troop and one of my passions, the Riding for the Disabled ponies.

 I love my involvement with I many long term, loyal private clients, who enjoy all things horse hacking, Endurance, Le Trek, Trotting, and never forgetting the many horses and ponies who are a much loved family member

.For 10 years I also lectured in Equine Science and Equine Sports Medicine at Writtle College.

Since 1998 I have been based on the Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex area and so can treat horses throughout all these areas

 How do I know if my horse needs a visit from a physiotherapist?

All the horses I see tend to be clinically sound. Therefore it is important to obtain permission from your Vet for a Physiotherapists visit. Not only is this a requirement of the Ss 19 and 20 Veterinary Surgeon s Act 1966, but if there is an underlying structural problem causing muscle spasm, unless that underlying cause is identified and treated the muscle spasm will continue to return.

The most common indicators that a visit from a Physiotherapist is required are a change in performance, a reluctance to perform tasks previously found easy or anything from a slight lack of performance to a total refusal!

As with us humans, horses have differing pain thresholds and tolerance levels, no two horses will react the same way to the same problem. I find the rider often feels changes in their horse, well before definite indicators confirm a problem.

What will a visit entail?

I will do a static and dynamic evaluation of your horse so I have an appreciation of your horses movement, this is usually done in hand but if necessary can be done on the lunge or under saddle. I then do body assessment by palpation to assess if there are areas of muscle spasm that might be affecting the horses performance or movement. Once identified, the aim is to release this muscle spasm to allow the horse to move properly and resume normal training.

How much will it cost?

I try to organise days in specific areas so everyone shares my travelling costs. I don't usually travel out just for one horse, at my busy times of year I  cannot fit in the time it would entail just for one. In addition it will be more costly as there is a Treatment cost plus mileage at 45p/mile.

Contacting me?

Always leave a message on my landline answerphone or text me on 00 44 79 57 85 61 43 or 00 33 6 41 00 64 41. it's cheaper for everyone to text the mobile numbers.

Can I spend time with you for work placement?

Unfortunately as I spend so much of my time away from my base visiting and staying with clients, I'm not in a position to offer work placements..