'Caring for your Equine Athletes'



To make an appointment please text me on 0795 785 6143 and leave a message with your name and where your yard is located..


 In order to keep travel costs to a minimum I try to group people from the same area together on the same date. So I work a "Rolling List", as soon as I have enough clients to make a trip I will group everyone in an area together and see them on the same day, this way everyone shares my travelling costs. So if you think you need me or have an important competition coming up please let me know as soon as possible so I can put you on my list for that area or look at putting together a list for that area. Then I can text you a date and time.

Timings can only be a rough estimate as each horse requires a full assessment and then whatever treatment is necessary. I will always try to update you if I am delayed. Sometimes I’m running a little early so when I give you a time please try to be there so I keep to schedule.

For clients not in my normal working areas I am always happy to see them at my home-base and also have a yard in Essex that is generously at my disposal.

COSTS. (Inclusive of travel)

£50.00 Full assessment and treatment

£25.00 Follow-up assessment/no treatment required


For all appointments please text 00 44 79 57 85 61 43. My timetable is always very flexible and if I can fit you in and come to you, I will!

Finally, rumours that I have retired and gone to live in France are untrue, I may be getting older but I'm still here and working!